Custom Cabinetry

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This was a Class A motor home where the customer wanted to have a way to store their broom and mop as well as other longer items.  Motor homes are built to be compact so our options of where we could build the cabinet were limited.  We decided we could fit a closet on the wall between the bathroom door and the dining alcove.  We needed to leave the actual wall accessible because it contained the access to the water for the shower.  There was also a vent near the floor which we needed to keep exposed.  The exterior of the cabinet was made of oak and stained to match the color of the existing cabinets.  The board inside allowed the customer to hang clips to hold the broom and other items.


The same customer came back the following year looking for a way to store their printer, paper, laptop and other related hardware.  There was a TV in the dash of the home which the customer did not use so it was decided to remove the TV and build the cabinet in its place.  The doors were built of oak matching the existing cabinets.