Rebuild 1971 Rockwell/Delta 8″ Jointer

Several years ago a friend gave Mark an old jointer he had left out in his barn for years.  It was badly rusted but the motor did still work.  When we first brought it home, we had tried to use a sander on it to try to get some of the rust off but quickly gave up and it was put on hold for awhile.  We finally decided we needed to take a little time to clean the jointer up to replace our current 1992  6″ Grizzly.

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The jointer was taken apart and each part was cleaned, sand blasted and then powder coated.

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And then started putting it back together.  The original 3-blade cutter head was replaced with a Shelix helical carbide insert cutter head.

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It took quite a bit of time to get the two tables parallel again but we finally got it right and it is cutting like butter.  Now need to get the dust collection figured out as it didn’t come with anything for that.


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