Two custom size oak table leaves

We were asked to build leaves for an oak table.  The customer wanted to have two leaves built so they could adjust the size of the table by using just one or both leaves.  Each leaf will be 18″x48.  The major challenge with this project is going to be matching the custom color the customer had refinished the table with about 15 years ago.


We started by planning down the four boards and then determining how to split the boards so that we could get the two leaves to match as closely as possible.  The boards where then cut down and then glued up.  We used a Dewalt Planer Joiner and biscuits to help keep the boards level.  Cauls were used on the ends to further assist in keeping the boards level before applying the clamps.

IMG_6081c  IMG_6088c

Once glued, the tables where put back through the planner to remove the glue and to bring them down to the final thickness.  The boards were then cut down to the final length and width.


The leaves were then put through the router table to put a radius on the ends to match the table.

IMG_6109c  IMG_6108c

Next up was trying different combinations of finishes.  The customer had indicated that he had used Natural Teak and Gunstock on the table when refinishing the table.  Out tests showed the Gunstock was making the table too orange so we tried using a Golden Oak with the Teak.  This combination seems to be working so we will work with these two stains to determine the quantities needed to get a good match.


The below is a picture of a leaf next to the original table and a picture of the table and both leaves.

IMG_6157c  IMG_6155c

Even though the customer had originally used high gloss poly on the table, the years had worn the finish down so there was a noticeable difference between the table and leaves.  We sanded the table top down and applied a new coat of high gloss poly on it.  The table and leaves were then returned to their home.


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