Custom TV Console with DVD Storage

A customer sent us a couple of pictures of some TV consoles and asked if we could make a custom cabinet for them to be able to store around 200 DVDs.  The original idea was to have the ends of the cabinet swing out to be able to access the DVDs.  The size of the cabinet was restricted to the space for the cabinet plus the extra space needed for the cabinet sides to swing open.  After doing a little research on some ideas, we provided a couple of alternatives to the design of the cabinet.  The concept adopted by the customer was to have the two end pieces of the cabinet pull out instead of swing out.  The ends would still have the appearance of doors that open but would be drawers instead.  The inside would be two shelves and each self would hold two rows of DVDs.  This concept was adapted from a kitchen spice cabinet.

The middle of the cabinet would have a shelf for the DVD player and other equipment while the lower middle would contain selves for additional storage.  The base of the cabinet is to be an antiqued white with the top being a darker solid wood top.  We did need to adjust some of the original requested dimensions in order to store the number of DVDs needed as well as to keep the visual appearance of the cabinet proportioned correctly.

After designing the cabinet in Autodesk Fusion360, cut sheets were printed out and we are under way!

Does it look like a TV cabinet is in there?

IMG_5024c IMG_5026c

A test fit of the pieces was done to ensure the box would be square and the parts were marked for pocket screws  The red clamps used to hold and square up the box are Woodpecker’s BC4-M2 Box Clamp.

IMG_5027c  IMG_5028c  IMG_5030c  IMG_5031c  IMG_5036c  IMG_5038c

After verifying the box was square, the pieces were glued and screwed together.  Once dry, the back was added and the pocket holes were filled.

IMG_5046c  IMG_5048c

Now that the final interior dimensions have been confirmed, the inside dividers were cut to final size and test fitted.  Since the cabinet is to be painted, the next step is to sand and to paint the interior box and dividers.

IMG_5051c  IMG_5054c

The first coat of paint is applied to the cabinet.

IMG_5056c  IMG_5057c

A prototype of the drawers is made to confirm size and spacing of the shelves and then the parts are cut from hard maple.

IMG_5117c  IMG_5120c

The side panels for the drawers are cut and dry fitted. The size and spacing of the drawer is verified.  Although it will be covered with the drawer face, hidden beneath the face will be a heavenly reminder for our customers.

IMG_5127c  IMG_5135c  IMG_5141c  IMG_5156c

The drawer dividers are cut on the router table.  The router table includes a Woodpecker’s precision router lift which helps us make consistent cuts.

IMG_5146c  IMG_5148c

Holes are drilled in to the rails and dowel rods are cut to create pins.  The drawer is checked to ensure it is square before glue up.  After glue-up, the Blum soft close drawer slides are added.

IMG_5149c  IMG_5150c  IMG_5155c  IMG_5169c

For the top, we decided to go with Sapele, and African mahogany.  One of our favorite parts of woodworking is to see the beauty of the wood that emerges when you start planing down the rough cut exterior.  Here, you can start to see the characteristic ribbons of Sapele coming through.

IMG_5160c  IMG_5162c

After planing down the various boards, we ran in to an issue with coloring and the ribbon flow of the various boards.  After much playing with the placement of the boards, we finally came up with a combination which presented a somewhat cohesive look between the boards and the top went under clamps.

IMG_5167c  IMG_5173c

Our focus now turns to the drawer fronts.  The customer selected the hardware and it arrived.

IMG_5175c  IMG_5178c  IMG_5179c  IMG_5181c  IMG_5188c  IMG_5192c  IMG_5194c  IMG_5195c

Now for the mid section drawers.  Our 1920’s dovetailer does the trick.

IMG_5249c  IMG_5250c  IMG_5251c  IMG_5257c

The mid section is put together and painted.  Since the interior drawers are made of maple, they will be left natural wood.  Instead, we sealed the wood with a coat of clear satin poly.  The drawer fronts are sanded in preparation for paint.

IMG_5254c  IMG_5255c  IMG_5260c

The mid section drawer slides are installed.  The mid section is installed in to the base cabinet.  Biscuits are used to help line up the face frame and then attached with Kreg pocket screws.

IMG_5259c  IMG_5266c  IMG_5268c  IMG_5272c  IMG_5273c

The parts are test fitted.  Starting to look like a TV console now!


The trim is added and the final coat of paint is added.  Then a clear wax and then dark wax (Deco Americana Creme Wax) is applied to give it an antiqued look.

IMG_5500c  IMG_5504c  IMG_5505c  IMG_5506c  IMG_5527c

The top is waxed and polished.

IMG_5512c  IMG_5521c

And delivered to it’s new home.



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