Powder Coating Capabilities Added!

We are excited to have added powder coating capabilities to the metal working side of the house. The oven is 4x4x6 so we can easily fit a set of rims in it.

IMG_5654c  IMG_5657c

The below plate was cut with the plasma cutter and then then powder coated to test out the new equipment.


Someone brought a ball washer from a golf course to us to see if we could powder coat these for them.  The interior of the ball washer wasn’t replaced, but we did steam clean the parts which brought them back to life.

IMG_5603c  IMG_5682 !IMG_5667c

We had someone with a Class A RV have a battery explode causing the battery tray to become corroded.  We removed the box and tray, cleaned the, stripped the old paint, sand blasted them and then coated them with a nice mirror black.  What a difference!

IMG_6022c   IMG_6044c

IMG_6034c  IMG_6040c

Set of 5 BMW rims refinished


Custom designed chair bottoms cut out on the plasma cutter and then powder coated.

IMG_6215  IMG_6219c

Rooster Hall Racing rooster logo cut and powder coated to verify the color matched his logo before powder coating a set of rims.


1971 Rockwell/Delta Jointer Rebuild

20190324_201003[1]c  20190331_213038c

20190625_145205[1]c  20190712_210633[1]c

20190716_153809[2]c  20190716_221259[1]c  20190719_155415[1]c  20190719_155427[1]c

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