Spring 2019 Trips


Outlanders River Camp – Luray, VA

This is a quiet little campground off of Rt. 211 outside of Luray, Va.  It sits atop the hills wth views of the Blue Ridge Mountains all around you.  A short walk through some trails kept cut down leads to the Shenandoah River where you can swim or float down the river on tubes.  The office has a store where you can buy some tubes for about $30.  This is our second trip to this campground.  The first one was last October just as the leaves were starting to change.  This trip saw the summer weather starting to move in but a breeze seemed to always blow to help keep you cool.

While the weekend saw the campground almost full, Sunday saw most of them leaving and only a five of us left behind by Monday.

IMG_6928c  IMG_6929c    IMG_6196c  IMG_6206c

We finally decided it was warm enough to get in the river but as we were walking down to it, we could hear the thunder coming.  Just as we got in the river the black clouds followed us and we decided we should get back to the trailer before it started to rain.  Just as we were getting ready to leave, a couple came up on a golf cart and offered to take us back to the campground.  We didn’t quite make it back before the rain started.  It was quite a site watching Mark running across the campground in his shorts and bare feet, a rare site to be sure.  The rain didn’t last long but we decided to take advantage of the rain to give Tudee a bath.

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Bullocksville State Park – Kerr Lake – NC

We absolutely loved this NC state park campground.  Our site was right on the lake with beautiful views, especially at sunset.  We came in on a Sunday and had just a couple of other campers in the campground most of the week.  Nobody was in the site to our right until Thursday night and  the site to our left was quite a distance away due to a somewhat swampy area from all the rain.  We celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary while here.

20190513_180914[1]c 20190513_180808[1]c

The views out the windows of Tudee were spectacular.

IMG_6802c IMG_6803c

There was a beautiful sunset each night.  The weather was wonderful each day, except for a chilly wind blowing off the lake the first day.  We took so many beautiful pictures each night of the sunsets that it was hard to pick which ones to post.  As one of our friends commented after Mark texted a picture to them, it was almost like we were on a tropical paradise instead of on a lake in NC.  Even Riley enjoyed them each night with us.

IMG_6778c IMG_6785c IMG_6815c IMG_6824c IMG_6832c IMG_6848c

20190513_194827[1]c 20190513_200752[1]c

We had a visitor while we were sitting around the fire one night but couldn’t get pictures.  Luckily he/she came back the next day and I was able to grab the camera and get some pictures before it flew away.

IMG_6877c IMG_6882c

As you can probably tell, we absolutely loved this place and can’t wait to go back again.

Hatteras Sands Resort and Campground – Hatteras, NC

After leaving Kerr Lake we headed east towards Hatteras Island to Hatteras Sands Resort and Campground.  While not right on the ocean or sound, it did have a canal running through it.  Another bonus is that it was not as big or as crowded as some of the campgrounds we passed.  It was a little tight backing in to the site but the staff came over and gave excellent directions on how to turn to get into our site.  We were facing the sound side so we still had some really nice sunsets. 

IMG_6886c IMG_6905c IMG_6911c

We were there just before Memorial Day weekend so the island was still rather quiet and we had the beach mostly to ourselves.  The first day the water was rather quiet making for some beautiful blue seas.  Between the relaxing time at Kerr Lake and Hatteras, I finally got Mark out of his jeans and boots!

IMG_6892c IMG_6894c IMG_6896c IMG_6900c IMG_6901c IMG_6903c

We decided to take the ferry across to Ocacroke Island one day.  It took a little longer to get there than we thought so it turns out we left a little late to be able to see much.  We were able to get some lunch, stop by the light house and visit a shop of local crafts.  The ferry ride, which is free, was worth the trip though.

20190520_142243[1]c 20190520_170346[1]c

Since it was so late, we were worried about Riley back in the trailer.  Our prayers were answered as we were the last one to make it onto the ferry.  It must have been a long day for a seagull also, as he decided to take the easy way back to Hatteras by riding atop the flag mast.

20190520_184913[1]c 20190520_190226[1]c 20190520_193926[1]c 20190520_190159[1]c

It was a very relaxing visit for the three of us and the weather was absolutely beautiful the two weeks we were at Kerr Lake and Hatteras.  We’ll be back!



Smith Mountain Lake State Park – Virginia

As the new leaves and flowering trees were just starting to bloom, we took a trip to Smith Mountain Lake for 4 nights.  The rain finally stopped allowing us to have beautiful weather.  Most of the trip was relaxing except for the night Riley wet our bed.  Luckily, we have a mattress topper on it with a cover so we were able to remove the cover and take it and the bed covers to a laundromat.  We were able to take the foam pad outside, wash it out and the sun dried it.  Such is the life with an aging dog 🙁  The bright side is that it gave us a little glimpse of what life on the road would be like and showed us we can handle the unexpected.

IMG_6764c IMG_6766c IMG_6769c IMG_6206c


American Heritage RV Park – Williamsburg, VA

After a long, wet winter we were finally able to get a break and head off for a week trip to Williamsburg, VA.  We visited the Pottery Factory, which by the way is no where near the attraction it was the last time we were there, probably in the 80s, a couple of antique shops and York River State Park. 

IMG_6716c IMG_6720c IMG_6721c IMG_6722c IMG_6723c IMG_6725c

We hiked the trail at the campground, played some putt putt golf and relaxed a little.

20190313_153124[1]c 20190314_143722[1]c 20190313_192845[1]c 20190314_160047[1]

We enjoyed the sunsets and made s’mores around our Solo stove.

20190316_192753[1]c 20190317_203708[1]c

Oh, and we finally got the seafood dinner we didn’t get a chance to have while at Huntington Beach in SC, or last year for my birthday!  We went to Captain Georges for dinner and somehow Mark made friends with  someone managing the crab leg bar and next thing I knew we had a whole plateful of steaming hot crab legs!

20190314_165243[1]c 20190314_165313[1]c 20190314_165704[1]c

All in all, a good trip!


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