Custom Window and Door Trim

A customer asked us to make some custom trim for a farmhouse they had built.  They wanted the house to have a feel of a farmhouse built in the 1920s.  The original plan was to have all the trim made from yellow pine. We started with a prototype window out of quarter sawn poplar to get the customer’s approval for the dimensions.


The customer was excited with the outcome and liked the poplar so much that they decided to start with the six windows and three doors at the back of the house using poplar which they would paint.

We started with over 100 board feet of quarter sawn poplar.  The boards were divided up and cut to down to make it easier to handle going through the planner.  The boards were then run through the jointer to get a flat edge before cutting to the needed widths on the table saw.

IMG_6270c  IMG_6274c  IMG_6272c

A 1/2″ bullnose router bit was used to round over one edge of the stools.

IMG_6276c  IMG_6281c

A 1/4″ bullnose router bit was used to round over one edge of fillets.


A Datto blade was put on the table saw to put a relief cut on the back of the stiles.


An ogee profile router bit was used to put a decorative edge on the top boards for the header.


The boards were all wrapped  for the customer to pick up and paint.  Once painted, the boards will be cut to their final sizes and installed.


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