Small “Memory” Box

Our son wanted to build a box to put an engagement ring in for when he proposed to his girlfriend. Once the size and style of box were determined, he picked out the woods: sapele for the main part of the box, zebra wood for the main accents and lace wood for some smaller accent pieces, and started cutting the parts.


The sides of the box were then placed on some tape and the edges glued.  The box was then rolled up and the tape held the box in place to dry.

IMG_6048c  IMG_6049c  IMG_6050c

The zebra wood was then cut to wrap the box.  Some accent pieced were added to the sides of the box and then the bottom was glued on and then zebra wood used again to wrap the bottom of the box.

IMG_6055c  IMG_6059c  IMG_6064c

A message was transferred to the inside bottom of the box.  Hinges were added.

IMG_6071c  IMG_6065c

Several coats of water based polyurethane were added and the box was ready for the big night!

IMG_6066c  IMG_6068c  IMG_6069c  IMG_6074c

PS – she said “YES!”

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