Handmade Parson Bench Repair

A customer brought us an old parson’s bench that has been in her family for years.  Someone had been playing around on it and it had collapsed under the pressure.  Several of the spindles were broke and the overall joinery of the bench needed to be tightened up to be able to withstand the use.  It was brought to us in individual pieces as she had tried to begin the repairs herself.

Since the holes for the legs in the bottom of the bench were all different sizes, we decided to begin by drilling all the holes out to a size bigger than than the largest hole and then put plugs in them.  This would provide a fresh surface for us to drill new holds of a consistent size.

IMG_5197c  IMG_5199c

We then drilled out the ends of the two spindles that were damaged the most so that we could insert new dowel rods in them.  A custom jig was made to be able to keep the bit centered in the spindle.

IMG_5204c  IMG_5200c  IMG_5203c  IMG_5206c

We then used a brace and round tenon cutter the cut each of the leg ends, that would go into the new plugs, to a consistent size to make cutting the holes for the legs easier.

IMG_5214c  IMG_5210c  IMG_5213c

We test  fit each of the legs and spindles to make sure they would fit together.  We also used this to determine the angle of the legs so that we would know what angle to cut the holes to.

IMG_5216c  IMG_5215c

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