Pine Nightstand

A customer brought us a nightstand to see if we could make a copy of it.  The nightstand matched his childhood bedroom set and now that he is married, he needed a second one.


After getting measurements of the nightstand, we started by planning down several pine boards and then laying out which pieces would be taken from the various boards.  We then began cutting pieces to length.

IMG_4687c  IMG_4688c  IMG_4689c

The face of the nightstand was then put together using Kreg pocket screws.


The larger pine board had pieces cut that were then re-sawed on the band saw to make 1/4″ veneer. The veneer pieces were taped together and then glued to 1/2″ plywood to make the side panels.  These were then inserted into a vacuum bag (Roarockit Thin Air Press) and the air was removed to compress the boards while the glue dried.  The edges that would be open then had banding applied to give them a finished edge.

.IMG_4708c  IMG_4713c  IMG_4715c  IMG_4719c  IMG_4724c  IMG_4726c  IMG_4772c

The top insert was made the same way as the sides with the pieces being glued together and put under compression in the vacuum bag.  The top frame and insert were then put together using biscuits to help ensure the alignment of the boards stayed in place.  The biscuits were not glued to allow the top to expand and contract without cracking.  Kreg pocket screws were used to hold the pieces together.

IMG_4767c  IMG_4768c

The front, sides and top were then put together.  Biscuits were again used to ensure alignment. After making sure the structure was square and the sides were centered on the structure, clamps were used to keep anything from moving while the pocket screws were added.  It’s starting to look like its model!

IMG_4775c  IMG_4779c  IMG_4784c  IMG_4788c  IMG_4790c  IMG_4794c

It was now time to start thinking about which stains were going to be used to match the color of the original.  We started with colonial maple but after three coats, while the color was matching we weren’t happy with the depth of the color.  We decided to try natural cherry since it has a redish tint to it while still having a brown base.  We decided that we were going to be able to achieve the desired color needed using the cherry stain.

IMG_4769c  IMG_4796c

Next step is to start working on the drawers.

IMG_4868c IMG_4871c

The feet

IMG_4922c IMG_4923c IMG_4925c IMG_4924c IMG_4932cIMG_4926c IMG_4928c IMG_4930c IMG_4936c The

The waist trim …

IMG_4938c IMG_4941c IMG_4942c

The metal trim …

IMG_4947c IMG_4948c IMG_4950c IMG_4952c IMG_4954c IMG_4956c


Just needs a final sanding and then polish and hardware. Customer will be supplying the hardware to match existing furniture.


Ready for customer delivery

IMG_4970c  IMG_4973c  IMG_4975c

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