This design was created in our CAD software and then cut with the CNC plasma cutter out of 16 gauge steel.  The frame was spray painted in bronze.  A two part resin was colored using various methods.  The affect desired was to create a stained glass look.


A customer brought us a design he had created that he wanted created for a gift for his girlfriend.  Both parts were cut from the plasma cutter and then hand painted.

birdcage frame comp

A friend of ours had traveled over seas where these fancy birdcages were big.  Since he knew he couldn’t bring home a real bird case, he decided to do the next best thing.  He find these hand painted tiles depicting one of the bird cages.  He brought it to us because he wanted to find a way to mount it on a wall.  We decided to put a heavy backer board on it and then built a picture frame.  They didn’t want to have a standard brown frame on it so we gave them three options of paint for the frame, pink, blue or green.

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