Class C Motor Home Remodel

We had a customer purchase an older Class C Motor Home which had previously been used by a couple to carry their show dogs.  They had pulled the dining table out of the vehicle so our customer was looking to have a new table and benches built.

Once the motor home was brought to us and we started to look at what was needed to build the table and benches, we discovered there were issues with water leaking in the home.  Further investigation revealed multiple leaks throughout the motor home.  It was decided, to make the vehicle livable, we would need to engage in a remodel of the motor home.

camper before1 camper before2 camper before3
As you can see from the above pictures, when we pulled the vinyl off the floors, there was extensive damage to the sub-floor.  The walls at the back of the home had wood paneling and the benches at the back, used for the bed, also had water damage.  There was also damage to the walls around the kitchen sink and stove and some of the windows.

We pulled all the old sub-flooring out and replaced it with new 3/4″ T&G plywood then installed some “wood floor” patterned vinyl which would hold up to the flexing of the floors while traveling.  The paneling and benches at the back were pulled out and rebuilt.  The existing cabinets were in pretty good shape so we decided to refinish the cabinets to match the coloring of the new dining table and benches.  We pulled out the old window treatments (which had a dog print) and made new ones.  The old stick on floor tiles used in the kitchen area were removed and new back-splash material was added in. The top of the motor home was sealed and the whole home was repainted with a soft ivory.

camper after1 camper after2 camper after3

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